Rules For Making A Good Website

There was a time when we go to market to buy things, or we go to the people we go to meet them, to meet the people to buy services. At that time we had to buy what was in front of us, we might not be able to choose the best in market but we were content with the services. So the one will get the job by “Word Of Mouth” marketing system.

Times have changes drastically, now from a big merchant to a Locksmith in our neighborhood, everyone has a website. why my website is not working gif - gomsi blogEveryone is trying to stand out in the market. Are you thinking about your own website or if you also have a website, and still figuring out why my website is not getting more customers for me.

Well here ere are some things you can do to make your website look great, and get a place on Google or Bing. Keep reading below to know the simple things to make your website stand out in crowd.

Follow the Google Rules Of Website Design:

Rules For Making A Good Website - Gomsiblogs

  • Make The Website Customer Friendly:

You know who your customers are, jut make sure your website gives the enough information about your work to which your customers can relate to. For instance, if you have a handyman business, then the website content must be composed of your working hours, your service area, and the type of services you providing in those areas.

  • Website Structure Must Be Easily Accessible:

You must be very careful about the website structure. Every page must be reachable from a link, and  you should follow an hierarchy, so that both Google and other webpages could understand the website structure.

  • Website Meta Data:

Be very careful about the website website Meta Tags like, Meta Title and Meta Description, this helps a search engine to know what is inside a webpage. So that it can relate to a keywords for a user query, and can show it on search results.

  • Website Images:

You want to use images on your website, so I (and Google) suggest you to use your own images, and they should not be picked from other websites. If you cant buy pictures, we suggest to pictures with “creative common” license.

Now while adding the image to your website give then a name (Title) and a nick-name (Alt-Title) for your image. As Google can’t see the images and can understand the text only format, so this will help Google and other search engine to relate the search query to to your images too. Well Alt-Title does a different job, it is for users, for instance if your website is not loading or due some reason the image could not be loaded, the alt title will tell users what the image is about.

  • Things Not To Do While Building A Website:

If you don’t want to get your website punished by Google here are some of the things you should not do while making your business website.

  1. Do not fill your website with keywords, this over stuffing of your website with keywords will lead to punished by Google, that means you will be “Blacklisted”.
  2. Do not try to “Cloak” the pages, show Google same page as a visitor would see. If there are some pages you don’t want to show to your Visitor, then Google will count that as bad practice.Yes - Now I know it - Gomsi Blogs
  3. Do not give pop-up ads on website, this might irritate the visitor and he might never come back.
  4. Do not stuff your website with too many ads from 3rd parties, this might irritate the user again and the user will run away from your website.

Well That’s It

Yeah I have told you the least possible rules Google wants you to follow while making a new website.

Still if you have any doubts, just drop a message, I will try to answer your queries ASAP.


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