The Titan Of Smartphones Nokia Is Back Again, But Is It Too Late

There was a time when there was only one phone which was “Connecting People”, and with the snake game, they proved that phones are not just for talking, then it added camera, music and some memory to save them. Then they later on also introduced come connectivity features like Bluetooth, Infrared, slam to share, and many more features. Yes I am talking about “Nokia“, the brand that actually changed the way we were communicating.


But this was not all Nokia has done for humans. Before Nokia was merged into Microsoft, it had launched world’s most powerful Camera Phone, Nokia 808 PureView, then same technology was transferred to Nokia Lumia 1020. And with no doubts this phone is still number 1 in camera quality. Besides this, there was one  more thing Nokia gave to world, that was NFC.

But now it has been years we have seen Nokia branding on any phone, Nokia Lumia, Microsoft Lumia is now getting a very shady response. In this long gap, world has changed, there are many other brands, and if we analyse, brands are more focused on quality than quantity. OnePlus and Mi Phones are the best examples, now Google also launched its own phone to beat the iPhone.

500,000 Pre-Bookings For Nokia 6



With 500,ooo registrations in just 24 hours for latest phone Nokia 6, it has been proved the love for the name Nokia is still there. Yet the Nokia 6 phone is only available in china for now, but we might soon see this phone getting sold in other countries too. Well I am also waiting for this mega phone.

And yes with this massive pre-booking it is clear that people still love Nokia, and they want to see it back in their hands. But as of now there are more companies making handsets, how easily it will break the wall created by Apple, Xiaomi, One Plus and Samsung. Well with big number of pre-booking and being sold out in a minute, this really shows the love people have for Nokia.

Still waiting for 26 Feb when Nokia will showcase its bag full of new devices at MWC in Barcelona!!


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