Aliens On Earth

Humans Or Aliens:alien-544193_640

I know talking about Aliens on Earth may be one of the most disgusting topics on Earth. And it becomes over heated issues and people might say that, you have gone mad when you say that Aliens live among us. but what if I say that We all are aliens, but now we all are more than Earthian than Aliens or Martians. Well for this question i have one more question to ask, but I will like to take back you to a few centuries back when humans started learning new things, specially language.

Starting Of Humanity:

Take any country on earth, in almost every continent, we have found some scripts written by our ancients. they had used some kind of language (Code Language for us), which we are trying to understand. Now here are two myths,

  1. If they were really our ancestors, why we cant understand their language, even the script has changed, why??? I have read history in school, at least for last 200-500 years we are using the same language, since the time we had swords and England had not started its expansion over the world.
  2. A huge bomb fall over the Earth and everyone died. Man, if everyone died then where did we came from? People are still living in those states. And we may also find some ruined or some very old Palaces, which look quite young still now and are a very good piece of architecture. If there was an explosion, why these palaces are still standing tall. Ok let us say, that some one killed the people of that city, but we must be speaking their language, but no such proof. even we are finding proofs only in some alien language but not in our native language.

But has any one noticed in our history we have knowledge that in God’s time we used to speak some different language. I think India and China are only languages who are still practicing their native languages since the starting of time, but where has gone the old language? And if the only reason to change the language was that it was very hard to learn, then there must be someone who had recorded all those historical events somewhere, like of that big meteor falling on earth or attack by any other person, on any ruined city. they must have written that they did it deliberately and they won that city. but no proofs.

Theory Of Being Alien:

If I compile the above two statements and if we good in deep with those lines and if try to look deep into our past, we can see we have no traces where we came from? why we don’t have any traces? Is there some one who wanted to keep us alive but wanted us to forget about who we are, and where we came from, so they introduces the logic of change in language, and they might have not assumed they we will ever be able to talk to each other because the language is changing every 15 Km on this planet.

Support Of Science:

It has been proved that we have not evolved from Apes or another reptile. So can we say we that who ever was our real ancestor was mixed breed by Humanoid Aliens? What ever was the driving force, all I can see back to the starting of civilization, is that we all are Aliens, and we coz still we are unable to understand how we reached earth. In past 200 years I haven’t herd about find out any new species on earth, simple we are not evolved, we were born this way. But as we are unable to understand from where this all started, I can only conclude that it was driven fast by some External Forces.


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